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New neighborhood association.  Tambark Trails Neighborhood Association (TTNA) is a new non-profit neighborhood association formed by your neighbors to address issues in our neighborhood. Sign up by sending an Email to Danw@windermere.com, to get invited to our secure Yahoo group and see what's going on. Want to know more? Contact Bill Anderson at bigbillmail@seasentries.com
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Plat Map for all 6 divisions of Tambark Trails,
Tambark Acres, Tambark Creek Estates.

Tambark Trails Plat Map

Welcome to the Tambark Trails community website!

Want to get Email notifications of our happenings?
Please send an Email to danw@tambarktrails.org  and give us your information and you will be invited to our secure Yahoo message group, for residents only.

We are hoping to redevelop a certain sense of  community and awareness about the area we all call home.
There was also a 'call out' to have  more of a chance to meet more of our neighbors. Many of us have lived here over 20 years, and still only know just a few select neighbors right around us. We felt that ideas like a neighborhood watch program,  group garage sales, summer and winter block parties and other events might be a good start as well.

We have many issues to deal within Tambark Trails, from zoning and development plans for our area, to making our neighborhood a safer place to live. We have had many reports of crime just since the first of the year.

There are 6 different divisions (approx. 110 homes)in Tambark Trails, some have  CCR's ( covenants, conditions & restrictions)  and some don't.  You can check your home by looking at your  title policiy. (call the Willners if you want to know where to get these)  Many of these CCR's help keep our neighborhood the place we love to live. But a concern we may have is that because there has been no active homeowners association, (that I am aware of) some of our protections may not be in effect.

We hope to get together with our neighbors and take a look at and discuss these and other things, to determine what is best for our  neighborhood, possibly on a quarterly basis. (looking for someone with a large home to host)

We may not all agree on the best ways to improve and protect our area, but an active homeowners group would be an excellent first step.

Please help by getting all your neighbors signed up and aware of this website, so that we can get as many of us involved in the continual process of improving our neighborhood. We need Email addresses and phone numbers, so we can get out information about plans for meetings or other vital community information. Your Email address and phone number will not be used for any other purpose and will not be accessible to anyone without your permission.
Need a name of a neighbor? We have  a list with names and addresses, but do not think it is right to publish it on an open website.

Please help us figure out what might be other good ideas out there, by either signing up and sending some feedback in or give Dan Willner a call 425 486 2486

Please also, if you have some ideas on running a website, or content that should be on it. please get  in contact with Dan & Shauna Willner 206 949 6966 danw@tambarktrails.org  I am not very experienced at building websites and would love some help.

Look for more in the future.


Let's get everyone involved, the more the merrier.
Send them to:   www.tambarktrails.org